HS-221 walls dehumidifier

European Model

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Possibility to convert at partners of Humidity-Stop

We offer at distributors the possibility to convert at partners of Humidity-Stop and generate new business opportunities.

With Humidity-Stop will be able to offer at his customers all our products with significant discounts. You can count on our experience and technical support to ensure a high level of quality.

For professionals as a administrators, architects, companies of rehabilitation and painting, Humidity-Stop offers continuum his technical support, and discounts.

Using our ecological solution HS-221, increase your his productivity resolving the problems of rising damp of your customers forever. We need only 3 minutes for the installation of the system, without adjustments neither calibrations, and without maintenance . This squad is certified with the mark CE for Europa, and FCC for America. Also it is certified by the CE and the ICNIRP that is not harmful for the health

The definite solution guaranteed

With the HS-221 you resolves the problems of humidities for capillarity. These are those that climb for the walls since the soil, or since the canton at basements. Also they appear among the bricks of the soil letting a trail of salnitre.

It is necessary to highlight the rapidity and efficacy at the dried of walls. It ascertains that at less of 4 months dry walls done with brick or blocs of concrete. For thick walls without foundation at what posed of stuffed everything what found takes at most 9 months at drying

This squad has a guarantee of 15 years and of satisfaction. If it is not satisfied at the cape of a year, return the amount paid at Humidity-Stop. This guarantee with all the requisites can discharge of our web

The HS-221 deletes for aye the humidities for capillarity at basses and basements of the edifices. Our gamma of potencies is the widest of the market and achieves of 50m2 at 2500m2 with an only machine

This squad serves so much for a house with neighbours, a house unifamiliar, or mated. His app is appropriate for commercial plants, or industrial. A typical app is the case of Esglesias, Cathedrals, Museums, City councils, Libraries, Hotels, Clinics...

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