Humidity in storage, garages and basements

What Type of Moisture is the Problem?

Moisture frequently appears in the parts of buildings that are below ground level such as in garages, storage rooms, and basements. In these cases, it is very important that you correctly diagnose what type of humidity the walls have. Once you determine the water issue, you can apply the appropriate solution.

First find out if the water flows into the interior through a leak, crack, or other breakage. The photograph shows this type of issue.

A stream of water can be seen that flows from the ceiling to the wall.

humedades por filtraciones en parking

In these cases, you have to contact a professional in construction and/or waterproofing to solve the structural issue safely.

Once the crack or other issue has been resolved, the HS-221 can be utilized to speed up the drying process of your walls. Additionally, the HS-221 will ensure that mold and residual moisture do not take hold and cause further damage.

Solution to the rising damp

When there is moisture without leaks, the best solution is the Humitat-Stop HS-221 Wireless Electro-Physical System. The HS-221 manages to dry the walls in less than 9 months, rejecting not only the humidity that comes from the subsoil, but also lateral moisture on the walls.

The solution is very simple to install by screwing in two holes and plugging it into the wall’s power supply with the provided 12V power cord.

Visit our website for details on how the HS-221 Electro-Physical system works to solve moisture issues.

It should be noted that this equipment accelerates the drying of the walls after suffering a leak of water from the outside, as well as leaks from a water pipe of the building. The HS-221 considerably reduces the waiting time to rehabilitate the walls after solving the origin of the leaks.