Paint and plaster chips on the walls must be solved as soon as possible, due to the aesthetic and structural damage they cause. The type of moisture that has caused them must be identified, because otherwise paint and plaster chips will continue to reproduce year after year, and you will spend money without achieving a solution for the house moisture.

It is not a good idea to hide the damp and chips, covering them with a double wall, plasterboard, wood, ceramics etc., as humidity continues to rise and generates mold and colonies of cockroaches, which will eventually affect our health.

Why is paint peeling off the walls?

moisture and saltpeter cause wall chipping

If you want to know why the paint is peeling off the wall we inform you, that the salts that have been dissolving the water in its ascension, remain on the surface, and prevent good adhesion of any material or paint on the walls.

We show the different causes why paint peels off the wall :

  • Moisture on walls.
  • Not having cleaned the wall before paint application.
  • Not getting the salts out the wall after having dried it and before painting it.
  • Painting on a wet wall.
  • Insufficient layer of paint.
  • Poor quality paint.

Consequences of chipped walls

moisture and saltpeter cause chipped paint

A consequence of moisture on the walls, are the chips, which are produced initially on the surface and skip paint and plaster. However, over time the chips end up affecting the consistency of the walls, causing cracks through which moisture and external water can easily enter in the building.

It is very important to take corrective action because the resulting damage increases rapidly, and hence, repairs and solutions become more expensive.

Chipped walls can accumulate moisture, generate mold and ease insect proliferation. All these are a risk factor for the health of tenants, and an economic problem for owners.

It is vital to act at the first symptom on the wall, because its solution can be much more economical than if you wait a while and the problem has already spread to other walls of the house.

Anti-moisture solution for chipped walls

The solution to prevent paint from rising on the walls, is to remove moisture on those walls, by the systems described for each type of moisture.

Why paint peels off the wall is because of the salts that water has dissolved. After water rises up through the pores and it evaporates, salts are deposited on the surface of the walls. It is well known that they prevent the good adhesion of any material on the wall

If you have rising damp on a ground floor or basement, System HS-221 solves the problem and you will no longer have chips on walls by applying the recommendations indicated for restoration.

In case you have condensation moisture you can remove it by taking precautions to remove the water vapor generated when cooking, when opening the washing machine, dishwasher, or microwave and when showering. It is important to install an extractor in the bathroom to use it because opening the windows might cause that more moisture enters from outside instead of taking out the steam.

For Filtration moisture a professional with a thermal camera is required to be able to easily detect where the water is filtered, and to deduce where the crack is, where it penetrates or where the fissure is in a water pipe or drain, which is normally embedded in the wall or floor.

To eliminate wall chips, the wall must be restored by removing the plastering around the damaged area. Its is very important to remove surface salts on the wall, by using anti-salts products or scratching thoroughly.

It is essential to remove all types of moisture on the wall, so that they never reproduce again.

The plaster of the walls, when it is wet, changes its composition and degrades becoming an hygroscopic material, that absorbs the environmental humidity. In these conditions it may happen that the wall surface is wet but the interior is completely dry, and therefore,we recommend to restore the wall by removing firstly all the degraded plaster.

You can explain your case by contacting us and sending photos, and we promise to respond with a diagnosis in less than 24h.