One of the major issues that can occur in our home is moisture. This phenomenon can cause significant damage in our home, so it is essential to know what types of moisture exist to distinguish them and apply the most appropriate treatment for each case. Each type of moisture requires a specific treatment to achieve the best results. If not, the only thing achieved is a tedious and annoying job, only to realize the same damages returning shortly after the treatment.

What is the moisture?

It is important to know how to locate moisture source that is deposited in doors and windows

The causes of moisture in homes are linked to the presence of water in walls, floors and ceilings, such as:

  • Presence of water in the subsoil.
  • Proximity to the sea, rivers, or lakes.
  • Underground streams, which rush against the walls in sloping houses.
  • Areas near the garden or orchard with intensive irrigation.
  • Very high ambient humidity from outside.
  • Failure to extract water vapor, which is generated inside the house.

How many types of moisture are there?

There are three types of moisture in homes each with its own characteristics, origin, and solutions:

  • By capillarity (rising damp) of the walls and floors. This moisture comes from the ground below and manages to rise through the capillaries of the walls.
  • By condensation of the water vapor that originates inside a house and is deposited in the colder and less ventilated walls.
  • Due to leakage in pipes or drains, or the entry of rainwater through cracks in walls and ceilings.

Rising Damp

Like knowing what kind of humidity I have between the different types of humidity, analyzing where it appears

Rising damp is the one that ascends through the pores of the walls and floors.

  • Appears on ground floors or basements.
  • Moisture spots on the walls grow upwards, depending on the amount of water in the subsoil.
  • Stains appear between floor tiles leaving a whitish residue.
  • In basements when coming also laterally humidity stains can also appear laterally at any height.

The HS-221 system definitively solves the problem by emitting very low frequency waves that are harmless to health. System HS-221 is the best anti-moisture treatment for capillarity, as it completely eliminates capillarity problems of walls and floors, and prevents them from appearing again in the future.

Condensation Moisture

Moisture from condensation appears in the cold and poorly ventilated parts of the house

Moisture by condensation appears in the cold and poorly ventilated parts of the house.

  • The solution involves generating less steam of water inside.
  • Remove all steam of water generated, such as cooking, showering, opening the washer-dryer, or dishwasher.
  • Ventilate the house when when the humidity outside is low.
  • Improve the interior insulation of the house to prevent it from getting too cold at night.
  • Use ceiling fans at minimum speed and in winter direction, so that there is better ventilation of the corners.
  • Slightly separate the furniture from the wall so that air can circulate.

Filtration moisture

Moisture from leaks stains the wall

Moisture due to leaks can appear on all walls, floors and ceilings of the house.

Origins can be as diverse as:

  • Cracks in the walls or ceilings, that face the outside and when it's raining allow water to enter inside.
  • Leaks from water pipes or drains , which may be embedded in walls, or underground.
  • In houses built on slopes the groundwater currents can hit walls , and water can enter inside.
  • In each case you must take the right solution to solve the problem definitively, and seeking the assistance of a professional equipped with a thermal camera for easy leak detection.

Main symptoms of moisture

Saltpeter stains is a symptom of humidity

The main symptoms of humidity are:

How do you know what kind of moisture I have?

Moisture in basements can come in any direction

The symptoms that appear on the walls and floors indicate the type of moisture we have.

  • Rising damp only appears on ground floors, basements, are in contact with the soil on the outside.
  • If there are cracks in the walls or ceilings, the moisture is by filtration.
  • If water enters the interior when it rains it is a sign of moisture due to filtration.
  • If you have leakage of water ducts or drains, it is moisture by filtration and you can notice it because it appears at a point and grows rapidly.
  • If moisture appears in the junction of walls, ceilings and floor, it is indicative of moisture by condensation.
  • It also indicates moisture due to condensation if humidity appears behind the furniture, and inside the cabinets.

Solutions for moisture problems

After knowing what kind of moisture you have, the HS-221 installed in a store completely dried it in less than 1 month

The solution depends on the type of moisture we have, although sometimes we can have multiple types of moisture at home.

  • Rising damp is effectively and permanently resolved with the HS-221 system.
  • Condensation moisture has a solution if you have the following precautions:
  • -Precaution of extracting all the water vapor that generates.
  • -Ventilate the house when there is not much humidity outside.
  • -Improve the insulation of the interior of the house so it does not get so cold at night.
  • -Use ceiling fans at minimum speed and in winter direction, so that there is better ventilation of the corners.
  • -Slightly separate the furniture from the wall so that air can circulate.
  • For infiltrations with water entering inside, it is necessary to contact a professional with thermal camera to locate the hot spots.

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The rising damp goes up the wall
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