Humitat-Stop: HS-221 system developer team

Humitat-Stop is a moisture specialist for capillarity that has developed the Electro-Physical system HS-221 to solve this type of humidity efficiently, quickly and economically.

Humitat-Stop has sold more than 12000 devices worldwide with spectacular results, which has allowed growth in all countries that is present in Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania.

Nueva fábrica de Humitat-Stop

The Electro-Physical system HS-221 was developed by the PHD in Physical Sciences Juan Vinyes, to solve the problem of the humidity caused by capillarity in his family home in the village of Espolla (Girona-Spain). He successfully manufactured a system that was four times more effective than wireless electro-osmosis developed in Switzerland and Germany. After achieving spectacular results in the trials conducted in his own home, 5 HS-221 units were distributed among family and friends.

After confirming the excellent drying results, the decision was made to obtain the CE, FCC and ICNIRP International Certifications before starting the marketing process in February 2012. The professional experience of the founders of Humitat-Stop has allowed the development of the HS-221 moisture control system, controlled by microprocessor.

The proven efficiency has allowed to export this equipment worldwide, exporting the 75% of our production, with annual growth of more than 30%.

 El sistema antihumedad HS-221 para eliminar la humedad por capilaridad en el interior de un armario

Humitat-Stop aims to solve the capillarity humidity problem in 75% of the world’s buildings through a highly effective and affordable Electro-Physical system. This expenditure is recovered in one year if we count all the maintenance and revaluation savings that are achieved by removing the moisture that rises from the subsoil.

After expanding our network in Europe, South America and Central America, we aim to take on the North American market strongly. All this is achieved with a strong environmental perspective, as the HS-221 system is an ecological and ecosystem-friendly solution. Unlike other techniques used for humidity control, such as wall injections that contaminate underground aquifers, the HS-221 system is totally safe for the environment and the health of people, animals and plants.

Humitat-Stop Team

Juan Vinyes founder of Humitat-Stop
Juan Vinyes Humitat-Stop Founder enter Juan A Vinyes Linked-in
María del Mar Vinyes is the CEO of Humitat-Stop
María del Mar Vinyes Humitat-Stop CEO enter Maria del Mar Viñas Linked-in

The team at Humitat-Stop comprises individuals with a high level of knowledge and experience in technical and production matters- We are dedicated to working diligently to meet costumers needs, and is dedicated to work and meet the needs of the customer, prioritize their concerns, and offer attentive an unhurried advice. The core of the company has been with us for more than 10 years, and with effort and dedication we have seen how sales have multiplied, managing to penetrate the European market with great success.

¿Why choose Humitat-Stop?


specialist in rising damp in ground floors and basements

Humitat-Stop is a company specialized in the rising damp. Since its inception, our professionals have been oriented to the innovation and development of the HS-211 system as a definitive solution for this type of humidity.


The most effective rising damp drying system

Removes the rising damp in brick walls or concrete blocks in less than 4 months. Maximum 9 months if they are old walls 30 inches thick.

Without works

Removes the rising damp without works and installs in less than 3 minutes

The HS-221 system does not require any work. Easy installation and in less than 3 minutes. Removes moisture by capillarity on affected walls, saving time and money.


Ecological system that does not affect the inhabitants of the planet or their vegetables

It does not harm the environment, unlike other techniques that do pollute and inject chemicals into walls and end up in underground aquifers. It emits waves totally harmless to health.


CE and FCC and ICNIRP certificate of not affecting electronic instruments or animal and plant people

Certified by ICNIRP, CE and FCC as not harmful to the health of people, animals and plants.


satisfaction guarantee with refund of payments

The HS-221 system has an operating warranty of 30 years from the date of purchase, and a satisfaction guarantee money back payment.

We attach some photos of our facilities and staff.

Although Humitat-stop is a family business in which three different generations meet, it has managed to develop a very efficient team, which has been in the company for more than 10 years and feels involved in it, achieving a product that exceeds all the quality standards of electronic equipment. The factthat we have successfully exported 75% of our production mainly to European Union countries since 2014, has confirmed that the HS-221 system is the most effective in the market.

Microprocessors programming
Assembly of professional
printed circuits
Assembly of printed circuits
Mounting the HS-221
Assembly of the HS-221 that solves humidity in ground floors and basements
Electronic circuit assembly
Electronic circuit assembly
Professional smd soldering
SMD professional soldering furnace
Assembly bench of the HS-221
Assembly bench

Certificates of Approval of HS-221

Certificate CE

Certificate FCC

Certificate ICNIRP

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Most HS-221 system sales since 2012 are to individuals, thanks to the recommendations of users satisfied with the effectiveness of the equipment in drying the humidity by capillarity(rising damp).

Some important buildings to highlight.

Rehabilitation of El MOLI building
Barcelona Provincial Council Library in Molins de Rei
Removal of humidity by capillarity in the Prado Museum
Prado Museum in Madrid
Drying of the ground floor of the Palace of Versailles
Palace of Versailles near Paris
Solution for humidity by capillarity in retaining wall
Casón del Buen Retiro in Madrid
Removal of humidity by capillarity in old Industrial School
Barcelona Provincial Council in the Old Industrial School
Drying of the ground floor of the UPC in Terrassa
Polytechnic University of Terrassa Barcelona
Drying of capillary humidity in the provincial Council of Badajoz
Badajoz Provincial Council
Final resolution humidity on ground floor
House of Science of the CSIC in Valencia
Drying of the ground floor with capillary moisture
Abba Garden Hotel in Barcelona
Solution to humidity in 5 buildings
Jardin-Pueblo Canario in Gran Canaria
Solucionamos las humedades en las habitaciones de la planta baja
Hotel Reimar in Calonge - Girona
Solution of humidity on ground floor
Hotel Villa Emilia in Barcelona
Solved their moisture problem in the basement
Laser Medical Institute of Madrid
Solved the problem of humidity by capillarity
CIMA Institute
Dampness has been removed from the walls
Román Clinic
Moisture has disappeared by capillarity with the HS-221
Institute Ramón LLull in Barcelona
We remove moisture on the ground floor walls
Home for the elderly in Galapagar
Removal of moisture by capillarity throughout the ground floor
City hall of Vilanova i la Geltrú
Solution to humidity on the ground floor
City hall of Palamós-Girona
Solution to ground floor humidity
City hall of LLinars del Vallés-Barcelona
Removal of humidity in municipal archive of Piera
City hall of Piera Barcelona
Remove moisture on the ground floor
City hall of Sant Hilari Sacalm
Removal of humidity in municipal building
City hall of Masnou Barcelona
Removal of rising humidity from the ground
City hall of Sant Pere de Ribes - Barcelona
We remove the humidity rising on walls
City hall of Subirats Barcelona
Drying of the capillary humidity
City hall of Fonollosa Barcelona
Drying the humidity rising from the ground
City hall of la Gelida Barcelona
Drying of the crypt of the church
Church of Santa María de Banyoles - Girona
Removal of humidity in the church crypt
Church of San Sebastián in Madrid
Solution of humidity in walls
Church of Biurrun Navarra
Solution of humidity rising on walls
Church of Ainzón Teruel
Humidity rising through the walls in the church of Cortes de Navarra
Parish Church of Cortes de Navarra

International companies that trust HUMITAT-STOP