• Degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Barcelona (1964).
  • Diplôme d'Études Approfondies en Automatique from University of Toulouse (France)(1965).
  • PhD in Physical Sciences from the University of Toulouse (France)(1967).

Juan Vinyes is the founder of Humitat-Stop and developer for the HS-221
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  • (1967-1969)Physicist in the laboratory of measuring equipment at Piher Semiconductors.
  • (1969-1977)Director of the Central Laboratory at Piher SA, a manufacturer of electronic components, pioneers in Europe in the use of microprocessors in 1974.
  • (1977-1979)Technical Director of Mobba, involved in the development of the first electronic scale with microprocessor and ticket printer in Europe.
  • (1980-2003) Technical Director of Epelsa, leader in electronic weighing, both for commercial and industrial weighing scales.
  • (2004-2007)Technical Director of Ascell-Sensor, manufacturer of electronic weight sensors for special applications.
  • (2011)Founder of Humitat-Stop, developing the HS-221, which introduces to the market a novel and effective solution for the elimination of the rising damp.


  • (1974-1977) Drafter of UNE standards on film resistors, potentiometers and ceramic capacitors.
  • (1974-1977)Participated in the international meetings of the CEI (Commission Electrotechnique International) to develop IEC international standards on resistors, potentiometers and capacitors
  • (1999-2007)Spanish representative at the meetings of CECIP (Comité Europeène de Constructeurs d'Instruments de Péssage) to develop international standards to be met by instruments and components of scales.
  • (2004)Conference in XIANG (China) invited by XIANG University on the topic of Repeatability in the measurements of an instrument.
  • (2008) Lecture in Santander on Repeatability in Metrology invited by the Spanish Metrology Center.

Ebook written by PHD in Physics Juan Vinyes about The moisture and its Solution