What are the reasons for moisture by capillarity?

Our process for removing moisture from the walls of your home is based on the fact that water molecules have a positive and a negative pole.

In order for water molecules to climb the walls, these molecules must have their negatives poles facing up

The HS-221 sends electromagnetic waves that prevent the water molecules from rising through capillarity, pushing them back to up to 50cm below the soil.

The effects of the HS-221 start being noticeable after 2 weeks, and they are clearly seen after one month. In normal conditions it reduces the moisture in the walls by more than 60% after 1 month, but the progress continues through time, preventing further capillarity problems  in the walls.

The speed with which the moisture on walls is eliminated depends on the material and on its thickness.

The HS-221 works by emitting a very low frequency wave that penetrates solid bodies very well even with very limited power usage. The apparatus obtains favorable results in walls of up to 70cm thick and up to a distance of 30m  from where the HS-221 is placed, covering the surface of the majority of houses, apartments and buildings.



The most efficient solution



Humitat-Stop is confident that you will be satisfied with our products, but if after 1 year you feel otherwise and you follow the guarantee requirements, we will give you a full refund. You don’t take any risk!.

Download our comparative study to see how Humitat-Stop is the solution,with the highest quality at the lowest price.

Comparative study

Advantages to solve moisture problems with


  • Efficiency: Normal reduction (60%) of moisture in only 1 month
  • You can install it, just like hanging a picture on a wall !
  • Low cost: The cost is 80% less than conventional solutions.
  • Prevents diseases caused by moisture: As asthma, rheumatism and respiratory allergies
  • Safe: Approved by the ICNIRP as harmless to the health of people, animals, or plants.
  • Installation without effort, no noise, no dust

  • It does not interfere with radio, TV, alarm, and pacemakers

  • Effective in solving moistures

  • Without moisture on the walls, heating cost is reduced by more than 30%

  • Without moisture, there is no mold and health improves

  • Without moisture, increases the value of your property and reduces maintenance costs

  • Substantially reduces moisture in 1 month

  • Suitable for basements and ground floors

  • 80% cheaper than conventional solutions to remove moistures

Humitat Stop has developed its proprietary design to eliminate moisture in the walls of your home, based on its long experience in the design and production of other advanced electronic devices, such as sophisticated measuring instruments.

The production of the equipment is carried out according to the ISO 9001 specifications, which assures the homogeneity of the quality of the HS-221

It is possible to remove moisture from walls thanks to our exclusive system, which emits electromagnetic waves of very low frequency, these waves are harmless since the emissions from the device are less than the emissions of common household appliances such as the washing machines, drying machines, refrigerators, electric ovens, or microwave ovens

This equipment repels the water molecules toward the foundations of the building, and it prevents the water from ascending through the walls by capillarity. Although this process is slow, it is effective with time. How quickly it works depends on the thickness and material of the walls

The HS-221 should be left running continually. Its consumption is a very low 0.7W,  in a year it consumes less energy than a TV set in one day. It comes with an external 12V power supply.

The HS-221 has a guarantee of 15 years.

(In normal conditions the HS-221 will reduce in 1 month, moisture in walls by more than a 60% ). Of course, it is a cumulative process that keeps working to eliminate moisture within the walls of your house over a span of years

In cases where moisture has already started creeping up from the ground to the walls, this is the cheapest system to solve it. However it is also effective in solving other sources of moisture in your walls, for instance after sealing a leak from pipes, or sealing terraces or roofs the HS-221 will reduce these moistures over time as well.

Installing the equipment is as easy as hanging a picture. You can do it yourself with the instructions supplied with the unit

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What our clients think about HUMITAT-STOP

The HS-221 is the best product on the market by far, quality assurance, and of course results and the best of all is the satisfaction of our customers and friends, and know that you have helped eradicate such a common problem as important as capillarity, which can condemn the buildings to be demolished, in addition to significantly improve the health of our customers

Pedro Soria 

Do you know the scientific background?

History on how walls dry up using electronic methods

Capillarity was already known in the 19th century and heaps of firewood could be dried off by applying an electrical tension. This method was also used to dry textiles.

In the 20th century this method was applied to dry the walls of ground floors and cellars. 1989 saw the introduction of electro-osmosis, the application of an electromagnetic field that emits positive fields up and negatives fields down. This procedure has been successful in fighting moisture from seeping up from the foundations and then penetrating the walls of houses. This is the background for the wireless electro-osmosis.

water molecule wall

The scientific solution to eliminate moisture from within walls

Obviously you can get explanations about water molecules and capillarity by consulting Wikipedia. Wikipedia presents a formula for the calculation of the ascent of the water by capillarity, obtaining a height of 14m for a capillary of one micron. The water ascends to even higher levels when the pores of the construction materials of the wall are narrower.

It is demonstrated that the molecules of the water form dipoles (like small magnets) which are polarized to ascend through the pores of the walls, thanks to the phenomenon called capillarity

A simple experiment that confirms that the water molecules have a positive pole in one end and a negative one in other is observing the water molecules as they deviate from their trajectory when they are submitted to an electrical field. Simply, we can create an electrical field by rubbing a comb with a wool sweater, and if now we bring it over to a stream of water (such as from a faucet), we observe that the stream of water approaches the comb due to the attraction that the water molecules have to the negative charges that have been generated in the surface of the comb after having rubbed it with the wool.

The solution to moisture in walls is the creation of an electromagnetic field on the walls, which opposes the orientation of those dipoles of the water molecules, disordering them, and allowing the force of gravity to eventaully send the water molecules back underground.

Wireless electro-osmosis systems emit radiofrequency signals that reject water molecules into the subsoil

Humitat-Stop system, HS-221, emits audiofrequency signals (but no sound is generated)  that avoid the conjunction of all negative poles of water molecules, which are rejected by gravity force down to the foundation.

The effectiveness of our system is more than 10 times greater than wireless electro-osmosis systems, since the penetration of audiofrequency waves in solids and liquids is much better than radiofrequency signals. This can be easily experimented while driving in a tunnel: the radio is no longer heard, while speech sound is amplified.

The scope of the equipment on the molecules of the water will depend on the power of emission, and the size of the antenna. Nowadays Humitat-Stop has a range of products with different action radius that go from 4m to 30m.

This process to eliminate moisture is based in the creation of an electromagnetic field of very low frequency, which was developed based on the studies of the Professor Doctor Richard Ernst who was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1991.

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