Home Moisture Leads to Building Issues and Should Be Eliminated Promptly due to Its Detrimental Impact on Health and Finances

The health issues stemming from humidity for both animals and plants are well-documented. They can lead to asthma, allergies, rheumatism, and proliferation of insects, mold, and parasites.

The economy of the home is affected by the continuous restorations of the elements of the house, increased electrical breakdowns in appliances, and increased expenditure on heating.

Sources of moisture at home: why does it appear?

If you're curious about the origins of home humidity, it's important to understand that the causes of home humidity are contingent on the specific type you're dealing with.

There are three types of humidity each with their own characteristics, origin and solutions:

  • Rising damp of building materials. This moisture comes from the soil beneath or adjacent to walls and its causes include:
    • -Groundwater flow affecting the foundations.
    • -Groundwater that could laterally affect walls in sloped houses or basements.
    • -Houses built near the sea, lakes, or rivers.
  • Condensation of internal water vapor leading to deposits on colder walls, brought about by:
    • -Avoid using the extractor while cooking, or when using the oven, or microwave.
    • -Do not use the extractor to dissipate water vapor after taking a shower or bath.
    • -Do not use the extractor to dispel steam after opening the washer, dryer, or dishwasher.
    • -Avoid using butane stoves as they release significant amount of water vapor.
  • Filtration of liquid water inside the house through:
    • -Breakage or cracking of a water pipe.
    • -Cracks in the waterproofing of the roof or terrace.
    • -Leaks in drains embedded in walls and floors.
    • -Cracks in rainwater downs pouts.
    • -Entry of water through fissures in underground walls, or those located on slope.

Consequences of having moisture at home

The consequences of moisture at home, affect health and the economy

The consequences of having moisture at home are consistently sever as they can lead to significant health issues, jeopardize home preservation, and impact the household economy.

Primary hazards of moisture at home include:

  • Walls, floors and ceilings experience gradual deterioration that can lead to their eventual ruin.
  • Moisture intensifies the sensation of cold and results in increased heating cost.
  • Dampness, even when concealed with wooden panels or plasterboard, can foster mold growth on walls, posing significant health risks including asthma, allergies, and rheumatism.
  • Moisture deteriorates electrical pipelines and household appliances leading to heightened maintenance requirements.
  • Rising damp on walls degrades paints and plaster requiring consecutive rehabilitation.
  • A house with moisture loses value, and becomes challenging to rent or sell.

How to avoid moisture at home?

How to remove moisture at home with the HS-221 system that rejects water under the foundations

It is important to take these precautions to minimize home humidity and its removal.

  • Prior to construction, addressing capillarity concerns involves placing a 40cm base of river boulders.
  • If your house is on a slope it is advisable to to redirect descending water currents away from walls to prevent impact.
  • Installing a drainage layer prevents moisture from permeating between floor tiles, though not from rising through walls.
  • The rising damp on walls can be entirely avoided with the HS-221 system, eliminating capillarity issues.
  • It's crucial to expel steam generated from activities like cooking, showering, using the microwave, dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, etc., to the outside.
  • Minimize ventilation on days with elevated external humidity.
  • Improve the insulation of the exterior walls to minimize external temperature influence.
  • Repair the cause of moisture quickly, to prevent rapid home deterioration.
  • Avoid deep perforations in roofs, ceilings that lead to the exterior.
  • Periodically verify that the water meters remains motionless when all faucets are closed.

Solutions for removing moisture at home

Moisture at home as remove it on wall in less than 9 months

Moisture poses a significant issue for numerous homes, making its definitive eradication a highly coveted objective:

  • The best solution for rising damp involves installing the HS-221 system, which allows for rehabilitation in a matter of months.
  • Condensation humidity can be greatly reduced by extracting all internally generated water vapor.
  • Minimizing condensation-related humidity in a basement is aided by addressing rising damp, as surface wall water evaporation diminishes.
  • Another improvement involves of thermally insulating the walls to prevent nocturnal cooling.
  • An extensive and costly remedy for condensation-related humidity is deploying a forced ventilation system that heats exterior air and circulates it throughout the house.
  • Addressing moisture from filtration necessitates the involvement of a plumber or waterproofing expert equipped with a thermal camera to pinpoint problematic areas.

Humitat-Stop, experts in removing rising damp from homes

Humitat-Stop HS-221 system solves moisture problems at home

The innovative HS-221 system , featuring microprocessor control and emitting very low-frequency waves that repel water molecules back into the subsoil, has successfully resolved capillarity humidity (rising damp) issues in over 11,000 homes across Europe.

Since 2014, our HS-221 system has been successfully exported to all continents, experiencing a yearly growth of over 30%. It has demonstrated its superiority as the most efficient and rapid capillarity moisture removal system when compared to various existing alternativess.

You can explain your situation by contacting us and sending photos via email. We assure you a response with a diagnosis in less than 24 hours.