It is very unpleasant and dangerous to enter a house with a strong smell of moisture.

The sense of smell helps us to prevent the dangers that surround us, and there is a relationship between bad smells, and dangerous situations for our health or safety.

Do not deceive yourself by hiding bad smells with air fresheners, because the problems of bad moisture smell are already affecting the health of people and pets, who are enduring them.

The solution to remove the moisture odor is to solve the moisture problems that cause it.

Causes of moisture smell

Moisture rots furniture and textiles. Moisture odor must be removed by eliminating the moisture that causes it

The moisture in a house is manifested by staining walls and floors, and producing an unpleasant odor which arises from different causes:

  • Moisture generates mold, which is transmitted through the air by spores, and these spores cause a strong smell of moisture.
  • Moisture affects cotton textile garments and leather accessories, generating mold and its very recognizable smell.
  • The moisture rots the organic materials around it, and produces an unpleasant stench of rot.

Consequences of the smell of moisture

As the smell of moisture is mixed with the existence of mold, the consequences are very serious for the people and animals that live there, such as:

  • Serious lung affectations, causing asthma and allergies, and health problems, such as rheumatism and eczema in the skin.
  • The smell of moisture is the indicator that there is moisture, which slows down the heating of the rooms, and therefore the heating bill is increased by up to 30%.
  • The inherent moisture where there is moisture smell, considerably increases the maintenance work not only for floors, walls and ceilings, but also for the installed household appliances, as moisture breaks them down more easily.
  • A house with a strong smell of moisture is uninhabitable, and it loses value over time in case of sale.
  • No tenant wants to live in a house with moisture, and the rent is usually very problematic, with unpaid monthly fees.
The moisture in the walls affects the plaster of the surface and this degraded plaster absorbs the ambient moisture causing moisture odor. Moisture can be smelt but it cannot be seen

How to remove the smell of moisture at home

There are false solutions to remove the smell of moisture, which consist of masking the smell of damp with another that counteracts it.

There are natural products such as coffee, lemon or cinnamon, which hide the smell of damp. However, the danger is that even if there is moisture we do not realize about it.

There are also artificial essences of pine smell, or flowers, that only hide us the smell of damp, but as they do not eliminate them, their harmful effects continue.

The real ultimate solution is to remove the moisture that causes these odors

To remove the smell of moisture, you have to locate it and identify the type of moisture that causes it, and you can remove it according to the recommendations you will find on our website. You will find the way to remove rising damp, humidity by condensation or humidity by filtration in a definitive way.

The smell of moisture is a symptom of the existence of moisture, and you have to act quickly to stop the degradation process of your home.

The solution to remove moisture odors from your home implies:

  • If you have rising damp which is the kind of moisture that climbs walls and floors on ground floors and basements, you can remove it by applying System HS-221,which is the most effective and rapid treatment to repair moisture by capillarity.
  • If you have condensation humidity which increases the environmental humidity inside your home, you will need to extract the moisture outside. This is generated at home when cooking, when using the shower, when opening the washing machine, when opening the dishwasher or microwave.
  • If you have humidity by leaks due to cracks in the wall, leaking pipes or drains, or underground currents impacting the walls, you will need the services of a professional with thermal camera, to easily locate the affected areas, and apply the corresponding solution.
  • If you have plaster on the walls with moisture, this degrades and absorbs environmental humidity and generates mold easily with the corresponding odours, so you have to repair all the plaster degraded by moisture.
  • After that, you need torestore or repair all elements damaged by moisture and mold such as furniture, curtains, carpets, baseboards, etc.
  • All the clothes, especially the cotton ones, absorb environmental humidity easily, and meet the conditions to create a mold colony, which will be spread throughout the closet and surroundings
  • Do not brush clothes with mold, as it will spread spores in the surround and will ease its expansion.
  • Do not put moldy clothes in the washing machine with another uncontaminated ones, because mold will affect the uncontaminated clothing until then.
  • Ventilating houses with bad odors and mold helps spread the problem to all corners, and affects the respiratory system of people and animals.
  • If mold appears on walls, textiles, or leather objects, then it should be treated, because mold, in addition to being harmful to health, causes a strong odor, and promotes the decay of materials, which are in contact or close to it. Mold is transmitted by spores through the air.
  • The use of air fresheners is only a temporary solution, but you should definitely eliminate walls moisture and floors moisture, and repair the affected objects.