Solving moisture problems in basements is not just a matter of aesthetics, but their appearance may have negative effects on people’s health and the household economy. Therefore, it is important to use professionals in moisture in order to remove this moisture as soon as possible.

High humidity and temperature in basements may be the perfect ecosystem to ease the growth of bacteria, fungi, insects and mold. It can also cause allergies and a cold sensation, although it should be borne in mind that over time the symptoms may worsen. They can cause respiratory problems, such as asthma or bronchitis, and dermatological problems such as eczema or dermatitis.

Moisture is normally associated with basements, but this topic is no longer true if adequate measures are taken to avoid moisture to penetrate inside. Consider that moisture can enter basements from any direction, as they may be surrounded by soil in all directions.

Moisture in basements has different origins and the solution depends on the cause that originated it. A professional diagnosis is important to find the right solution and avoid the discomfort and problems caused by moisture.

Moisture causes in basements

Removing moisture in basements is necessary, either by capillarity, condensation, or filtration

Basements, garages and storage rooms are usually the parts of buildings most prone to the appearance of moisture, as they are located below the ground and have limited ventilation.

The most frequent causes that generate moisture in basements are:

  • Rising damp:
  • Filtration moisture: it is water filtration inside the house by underground water streams, that affect the side walls. Water leaks from pipes, and drains, recessed or underground, also cause the penetration of water to the house interior and the consequent filtration. Another cause of leaks are defects in the sealing of ceilings and floors with concrete walls. In buildings built on slopes, underground streams can impact on the side walls and produce water entry by filtration. Cracks in walls, terraces and ceilings cause leaks to the interior when it rains.
  • Condensation moisture: high environmental moisture caused by evaporation of water from walls and floors, precipitates at night in the cold parts of the basement, and in the corners with little ventilation. This causes stains and mold in the joints of the walls with the ceiling and floor.

Consequences of moisture in basements

Moisture in basements should be avoided , as the one caused by leaks in corners and angles.

The consequences of moisture in basements are:

  • The feeling of cold and the heating expense increases.
  • Moisture stains and saltpeter appear on the ground and walls.
  • Moisture and rotten odor is significant and disgusting.
  • Mold appears in walls,corners and ceilings.
  • High and annoying environmental moisture.
  • Moisture causes chips on walls. This can cause the plaster to degrade and peel off, which makes it a hygroscopic material. Then, it absorbs environmental moisture, moistening the surface of walls and ceilings.
  • Owners' economic losses, since the tenants or users of that basement refuse to live in those conditions. The owner loses the possibility of renting it.
  • Moisture in basements prevents their use as a warehouse, as stored material deteriorates.
  • Moisture enables the proliferation of insects.

How to avoid humidity in basements?

It is necessary to know how to remove moisture in basements

To avoid the appearance of moisture in places as prone as basements, it is important to follow a number of precautions to reduce the probability that they appear again:

  • If moisture comes from the ground and begins to appear from the bottom of the walls and columns or laterally, the final solution is to install the system HS-221. This anti-moisture system rejects water to the building foundations and manages to dry rising damp in the shortest time possible.
  • It is very important to extract the water vapor that is generated inside.
  • Leaks from water pipes, downspouts and drains should be urgently fixed.
  • The cause of filtration moisture should be repaired inside quickly, as damage in a basement is very fast.
  • Deep perforations in ceilings, roofs, floors, and walls should be avoided in order not to affect the surrounding water pipes.

Solutions to remove moisture in basements

Moisture causes chips on walls of basements

The moisture in a basement can be completely removed by applying the solution corresponding to the type of moisture detected:

Depending on the causes of moisture in the basements, you have to act one way or another. Therefore, the best option is always to turn to professionals in moisture to find the most suitable solution. Below are the solutions to remove moisture from basements.

How to remove rising damp in basements

The best solution to remove rising damp from walls and floors is to install system HS-221 . After few months it is possible to restore the basement.

The HS-221 system acts on the water molecules of the wall, and hence this prevents them from rising and rejects the water to the subsoil, without having to do works.

In basements the drying time will depend on the thickness and constitution of the underground walls, which are in contact with the surrounding soil, but in the most unfavorable cases it will not take more than a year to dry. It is important not to restore the basement until the walls are completely dry, the salts have been removed from the surface, and all the plaster that has been affected by moisture has been repainted.

How to remove condensation moisture in basements

Condensation dampness in basements or semi-basements used as housing can be greatly reduced by removing all evaporating water from walls and floors and the one that can be generated inside the kitchen, bathroom, washer-dryer, dishwasher, etc.

A good ventilation of the basement helps to remove condensation moisture, but it is essential to force the extraction of water vapor that is generated inside.

How to remove filtration moisture in basements

The solution for filtration moisture requires the intervention of a plumber or a waterproofing specialist, who has a thermal camera to locate the points where there is the problem. This way it is possible to waterproof the areas with water leaks inside, and to repair leaky pipes.

Humitat-Stop, experts in removing moisture in basements

 Rising damp is rejected by system HS-221 to the foundations of the building. This removes moisture in a basement

The HS-221 system, which is controlled by a microprocessor, has solved all problems caused by rising damp, either from the bottom up or laterally on walls, floors, or underground columns.

The efficiency of our HS-221 system is better than everyone else, because it is the fastest and most economical system to remove rising damp forever.

We have been manufacturing this device since 2012. We started exporting to Europe in 2014, and our success is unquestionable, as it is evidenced by the continuous increase of our sales.

In Humitat-Stop we are specialists in removing rising damp, by offering the best solution. Contact us and request a free moisture diagnosis so that we can help you solve your mositure problems.