Normally storage rooms are located in basements or in ground floors of buildings, where moisture usually appears and deteriorates the materials and objects stored there.

High moisture on the walls of a storage room and a certain temperature eases the growth of bacteria, insects and mold that cause health problems such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis or rheumatism.

Moisture in storage rooms and solution to remove it

The moisture in storage rooms may be caused by different types of moisture. To know how to remove moisture in storage rooms it is necessary to have a professional diagnosis which provides a suitable solution for the type of moisture in each case.

Normally the storage rooms are in the basement of the building and consequently, in addition to having humidities that rise from the floor through the walls and between the tiles of the floor, they have humidities that penetrate laterally from the surrounding earth. This type of humidity eliminates them effectively with our HS-221

Evaporating water from the walls that has penetrated by capillarity considerably increases the ambient humidity, causing moisture by condensation, which also disappears by removing moisture by capillarity.

Causes of moisture in storage rooms: Why is it produced inside?

Removing moisture from a storage room is necessary, either it is rising damp, condensation moisture, or filtration moisture

The storage rooms are underground areas or areas located in the lower part of buildings that normally have little ventilation or lack of thermal insulation. This leads to the appearance of different types of mositure that generate the deterioration of stored objects, among other consequences.

The most frequent causes that lead to moisture in storage rooms are:

  • Rising damp: is the moisture that comes from the subsoil water and rises through the pores of the walls or between the floor tiles. It can also penetrate laterally through the pores of the underground walls.
  • Filtration moisture: may be caused by underground currents that impact strongly against a wall or by cracks through which water penetrates inside. A common cause of water leakage is leaking pipes or drains. Also, poor sealing of concrete walls with floors made of other materials is usual.
  • Condensation moisture: Evaporation of water from walls and floors leads to a high environmental humidity that disappears when filtration moisture or rising damp is removed. Provisionally, the environmental humidity can be improved by installing an extractor.

Consequences of moisture in storage rooms

Moisture in storage rooms must be avoided because mold ends up appearing in walls and stored objects

The main consequences of moisture in a storage room are:

  • Mold appearance affects the materials stored there, damaging textile pieces, footwear and accessories, among others.
  • Moisture spots appear in walls and floors.
  • Moisture smell is very disgusting.
  • Mold appears in walls and the joints between walls and floors.
  • The high environmental moisture inside the storage room is very annoying.
  • The paint peels and this produces wall chipping. Moisture causes the plaster to degrade and peel, and this makes it an hygroscopic material, which absorbs environmental moisture and moistens the surface of walls and ceilings.
  • Loss of value of the storage room, making it impossible to rent or sell it due to the presence of moisture.
  • Overgrowth of cockroaches and other insects.

How to avoid moisture in a storage room?

It is necessary to know how to avoid moisture in a storage room

The appearance of moisture in storage rooms can be avoided by taking a number of preventive measures:

  • If moisture appears on the bottom of the walls or between the floor tiles, the definitive solution is system HS-221. This anti-moisture device rejects water to the subsoil and manages to dry as quickly as possible. Based on the physics of water molecules, the HS-221 system counteracts the effect of capillarity, which tends to bring the water molecules up to achieve electrostatic balance between all the dipoles that form the water molecules.
  • If there is high environmental moisture, it is recommended to use an extractor to remove indoor water vapor.
  • It is necessary to check the water pipes to prevent filtration moisture, in order to detect small leaks and repair, if necessary, leaks in pipes and drains, or seal the small cracks in the walls where the water begins to penetrate. It is essential to act at the beginning of the problem, because the deterioration increases day by day.

Solutions to remove moisture in storage rooms

Moisture causes wall chipping and wall spots in storage rooms

Every type of moisture that can appear in a storage room has a specific solution that makes it disappear completely. It is essential a professional diagnosis to be able to apply the right solution and thus remove moisture in storage rooms. The different solutions available to remove each type of moisture are explained below.

How to remove rising damp in storage rooms

The best solution for rising damp in storage rooms is to install the system HS-221, which allows drying in a few months, by electronically rejecting water molecules below the foundation without building works and consuming less than €10 per year in electricity expenses.

The system HS-221 acts directly on water molecules of walls. It prevents water from rising from the floor, without performing any works.

If the walls are made of brick or concrete blocks, these will dry in less than 4 months, and if they are very thick it can take at most 10 months. It is essential not to restore until the walls are dry, the surface salts have been removed, and all the degraded plaster have been taken away, because this plaster becomes hygroscopic and absorbs the environmental moisture. We must replace it with a new one, or rather replace it with lime mortar.

How to remove filtration moisture in storage rooms

The solution for filtration moisture requires the action of a professional who is specialist in waterproofing and plumbing, This expert will use a thermal camera to locate points where there are leaks or cracks by which water is filtered and that are difficult to see because they are embedded in walls or floors.

How to remove condensation moisture in storage rooms

Condensation moisture in a storage room is due to water evaporation from walls and floors, which is caused by filtration or capillarity. Consequently, if filtration moisture or rising damp is solved, condensation moisture will dissapear too.

The installation of an extractor may be very helpful to remove the environmental moisture while the problems of rising damp and filtration are being solved.

Humitat-Stop, specialists in removing rising damp in storage rooms

Rising damp is rejected by HS-221 system to the foundations and removes moisture in basements.

The system HS-221 offers several advantages, because a single equipment can dry all the storage rooms of a plant and greatly reduces the cost with respect to an individual purchase.

In addition, the efficiency of our system is over all the others, because it is the most economical and fast system to dry rising damp of walls and floors.

A specific feature of our system is that it is global for rising damp, in other words, it rejects water that rises by capillarity in all walls and floors of a ground floor, basement or storage room.

This system itself locates where the moisture is, and acts intensively in those areas, without the need to make a different treatment for each wall with rising damp, as it happens in the systems of introduction and injection of gels in the walls, which have to detect wall by wall where the moisture is located.

The HS-221 system was launched in 2012, equipped with certificates of immunity of electromagnetic emissions issued by the EC and FCC, and safety certificates that show it is harmless for human, animal and plant health.

We started exporting in 2014 and have been growing progressively, reaching the figure of 2556 equipment exported in 2021, specially in Europe.

In Humitat-Stop we are specialists in removing rising damp in storage rooms, and we offer always the best solution. Contact us and request a free moisture diagnosis and we will help you solve your moisture problems.