The best system to remove moisture by capillarity. The definitive solution without works

The HS-221 system is based on Physics and generates very low frequency wave trains, which reject water molecules to the subsoil.

This system counteracts the effect of capillarity, which is the physical phenomenon that causes water to rise through capillary conduits, such as those found in building materials.

In order for water to rise through capillarity ducts and pores of materials, all water molecules must be oriented with the negative pole upwards.

This is checked on a wall with moisture by capillarity, with a digital voltmeter, putting its negative entry at ground level and the positive entry at a certain height on the damp wall.

It is verified that effectively we obtain a greater negative tension depending on the height that the water arrives of the moisture in the wall.

The HS-221 system generates very low frequency electromagnetic waves that are transmitted through walls and floors, which disorient water molecules and gravity makes them fall under the foundation.


  • The HS-221 must be connected continuously, but its consumption is very low. In a year consumes less electricity than a TV st in a day.
  • Can be supplied with an external feeder 12V 2A with 5mm jack with negative on the outside and with round or flat plug for 100VAC up to 240VAC.
  • The equipment has a guarantee of good performance of 30 years and satisfaction.
  • Normally, in brick walls or concrete blocks walls, removes moisture by capillarity in less than 4 months.
  • n cases of old houses with very thick walls, and without foundation, may take to dry as maximum 9 months.
  • Only leaves on the walls between 3% and 6% water by weight, because drying more would deteriorate certain construction materials.
  • Installation of the equipment is as easy as hanging a picture. You can do it yourself with the instructions that we attach with the equipment.


Water that has risen by capillarity is rejected to the foundations

The HS-221 is installed on a thick wall of the house, preferably those facing the exterior or neighbor.

Transmission by walls and floors of low frequency waves dry all walls and floors of the house.

As previously indicated the emission power of the equipment varies according to the m2 of the ground floor or basement and consequently the price.

This equipment must be placed tightly in a wall such as those that give outside or to the neighbor, as this way the waves are transmitted very easily all over the periphery and from there the interior is attacked by partitions, walls and the floor screed.

If we hit a hammer on a peripheral wall of the house the sound can be seen in any room, making the same effect the electromagnetic impulses we transmit, which are certified to be safe for the health of animals and plants. It’s like we have a membrane-free speaker without making sounds.


Install in 3 minutes the HS-221 (Electro-Physical System) to remove the rising damp

Install the HS-221 in less than 3 minutes

The HS-221 is installed as a picture on the wall, but it is important to consider the following points.

  • The HS-221 should be installed directly on a thick wall without intermediate panels, wood, ceramics, marble.
  • It is important that the back is in good contact with the wall without gaps.
  • The most suitable place is in a bearing wall that gives to the outside or neighbour.
  • Best if placed about 12 inch from the ground and less than 1m from a plug.
  • Should be placed in a wall that has moisture or are close.
  • If the plant is elongated place it near where there is more moisture, although it will dry all the walls, even if they are in other rooms.

Why is the Electro-Physical System HS-221 better than electro-osmosis to remove the rising damp?

 The HS-221 system is an electronic treatment of the capillarity of the walls, without works and without using chemical products for moisture

Humitat-Stop system HS-221 far exceeds the electroosmosis systems on the market because:

  • By transmitting the HS-221 waves through walls and floors and not through the air it reaches the moisture more easily by drying 4 times faster.
  • Range of ranges in m2 of HS-221 from 50m2 to 2500m2 with a single apparatus. With electroosmosis the maximum range is 710m2.
  • Electro-osmosis equipment produces interference in radio, tv, alarms, etc., by transmitting a frequency of 3Mhz through the air.
  • The consumption of electro-osmosis systems is in the order of 12W to 15W and consequently they spend much more electricity than the HS-221 that consumes less than 1W.
  • By heating more electro-osmosis equipments age their components faster and can only give a guarantee of operation of 7 years.
  • The HS-221 has a 30-year warranty because it works without heating.
  • We are so sure of the drying results that we also give a satisfaction guarantee to return the money if after a year you are not satisfied.
Warranty to remove the rising damp
If after 1 year you are not satisfied we will refund your money

We are convinced of the quality of this equipment. If, for any reason, after 1 year and before 2 running is not satisfied, we will apply our guarantee of satisfaction. Send us your details to info@humitat-stop.com and we will return the money. Download the 30-year GUARANTEE. ¡ It takes no risk!

HS-221: the best system to remove the rising damp

The moisture by capillarity goes up the wall and the HS-221 rejects it toward the subsoil, obtaining the repair of the humidity by capilatidad


Certainly the HS-221 system proves, which is the best system to remove rising damp forever.

  • Global solution. With a single device removes moisture by capillarity of the entire ground floor or basement.
  • Effective system.Dry walls forever in less time and at less cost.
  • Installation without works. Just hang it on the wall like a picture.
  • Save money. It does not need maintenance with very little consumption. Saves on house maintenance, heating and home appliance repairs.
  • System certified by the EC in Europe, FCC in the USA, and by the ICNIRP not to be harmful to the health of persons, animals and plants.
  • Is eco-friendly because they use waves like those found in nature, and no resins are injected into the walls that contaminate the aquifers.


Follow the drying process with a phone app

You can track the moisture evolution on the wall

This new model HS-221 PRO+ is CE certified and also complies with the ROHS regulation of not containing hazardous materials for our ecosystem. Although it has the same electronics as the HS-221 model, the geomagnetic system has been added, achieving an efficiency increase of 5% to our electro-physical system.

The great novelty of this system is that a reader has been added to the relative humidity on the wall where it is installed and thanks to a Bluetooth connection, are transmitted with a free downloadable mobile app from APPLE STORE or GOOGLE PLAY, and so you can track the evolution of humidity on the wall thanks to the Bluetooth connection of your mobile Apple or Android.


screen for reading the moisture on the wall
screen to connect to the app
  • You must first download the app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Click on the search symbol (magnifying glass) and write Rising damp.
  • You have to download the application that has as logo a house with a few drops as seen in the following image: Application logo to follow the drying process with the HS-221 PRO+
  • For this application to work on your mobile you must have Bluetooth enabled and placed near the HS-221 PRO+.
  • When you click on the logo of the application on your mobile the image of a wall appears on the screen, and when you click on connect the mobile communicates with the HS-221 PRO+ and the relative humidity reading appears.
  • Readings appear with a red background if humidity is high, orange when moderate, and green when already correct.
  • You must exit the application by clicking on disconnect, and when connecting again you will have a new reading.
  • The application on your mobile is recording the readings with the corresponding dates, thus facilitating the monitoring of drying.
  • It is advisable to periodically clean the back of the wall in contact with the equipment so as not to accumulate salts that could distort the readings.

Certificates of Approval of HS-221

Certificate CE

Certificate FCC

Certificate ICNIRP


Certificate CE

Certificate ROHS