Damp proofing with the Electro Physical system

The primary goal of the HS-221 equipment, developed by Humitat-Stop, is to eliminate rising dampness and enhance electro-osmotic efficiency by fourfold.

This blog serves to make known to our clients, the main points to solve all types of humidity, from the humidity by capillarity with our Electro- Physic system, condensation, and those produced by rain leaks, or leaks in water pipes.

Our technical team is well-equipped to respond to your queries on all these topics associated with building humidity.

At regular intervals, we release blog articles addressing subjects related to rising damp and our electronic water decalcification system, which operates without salt or requiring maintenance. It is applicable for individual residences, communal housing, and commercial facilities with water inlet pipes of up to 250 cm.

We provide an explanation of the fundamentals of our HS-221 Electro-Physic system.