The humidity by capillarity that rises the walls from the ground causes significant annual costs that should and can be eliminated. For example, let us consider a ground floor of 1100ft2

Loss in value of your property

A ground floor or basement with humidity, loses value continuously by the deterioration that originates in the structure—paint, decorations, walls, and accessories, and in case of sale will lose to the order of $3,700 per $125,000 of initial value and each year that the problem persists.

If you intend to rent a home with humidity, you will have to look for a tenant with little purchasing power to comply with that situation and will incur a loss of rent of at least $375 per month, representing $4,500 per year.

Rising damp on the walls

Increases in maintenance costs

If you do not remove the moisture from the walls you are forced to paint every year because the paint fades, peels, or discolors in that time.

In addition, chipping occurs over time, and you must repair each section to restore the wall.

Moisture in the walls also causes problems in electrical installations and power plugs, as well as in frames, doors, and windows.

All this work represents a minimum expenditure of $800 per year.

Increase in heating costs

When humidity or moisture in your walls evaporates at the surface of the wall, the process cools the environment of the room. On top of cooler rooms, when using heat, your heating system must heat that moisture in your walls which can easily reach 1000 liters of water. The moisture in the walls is demanding more energy from your heating system costing you a minimum of 350€ extra, per year.

Mold and deterioration of curtains, carpets, flooring, appliances, clothing, footwear, and accessories

The wet walls give off water vapor and mold spores that grow in this environment, which deteriorate all the elements of the house over time, whether in wood, metal, or textiles.

Dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories stored in the closet are affected, and if you do not react to the problem, they end up ruined.

Due to humidity the appliances last 25% less due to deterioration of their housings, and internal components.

For all these concepts we evaluate that you lose at least €400 per year.

Expenses caused by diseases related to humidity

The humidity along with heat give rise to mold, which is very harmful to our health, and is the source of diseases such as allergies, asthma, and rheumatic diseases. These diseases if we stay in humid environments become chronic, causing serious problems to the entire population, especially in children and the elderly.

Although it is difficult to assess the costs of health problems, these cause at least costs of €300.

How much does humidity cost us annually?

If we make a sum of the amounts paid for the humidity, we obtain 5,300€, which is normally much more for a family with children.

The most economical definitive solution for the rising damp on the walls

For less than half of this amount you can obtain an HS-221 system with the Electro-Physical technology. The system will permanently eliminate the humidity that rises through walls and floors in less than 9 months in old houses, and less than 4 months in houses made with bricks and concrete blocks.

You will only restore the wall once and it will last for years without continuous maintenance.

With no doubt, it is the fastest and most efficient system, from which you can obtain more information on the web