For companies marketing construction products suitable for the rehabilitation of buildings, distributing Humitat Stop products is a unique opportunity for your business, as it offers a range of products of very easy installation, economic and that we guarantee effectively solve the problems that represent the humidity by capillarity in ground floors and basements.

HS-221 walls dehumidifier


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Possibility to convert partners to Humitat-Stop

We offer at distributors the possibility to convert at partners of Humidity-Stop and generate new business opportunities, drying basements and houses with rising damp. .

With Humitat-Stop, you will be able to offer your customers all our products with significant discounts. You can count on our experience and technical support to ensure a high level of quality.

For professionals such as administrators, architects, and companies in the rehabilitation and painting industry, Humitat-Stop offers continuous technical support for their Electro-Physic system, along with discounts.

By using our ecological solution HS-221, you can increase your productivity by resolving your customers' rising damp problems permanently. The system can be installed in just 3 minutes, without the need for adjustments, calibration, or maintenance. This system is certified with the CE mark for Europe and the FCC for America. It is also certified by the CE and the ICNIRP as not harmful to health.

The definitive Electro-Physic solution guaranteed

With the HS-221, you can resolve rising damp problems. This issue occurs when moisture rises up the walls from the soil or the corners in basements. Additionally, they appear among the bricks or soil, leaving a trail of saltpeter.

It is necessary to highlight the rapidity and efficacy in drying walls. It is ascertained that dry walls made with brick or concrete blocks with rising damp can be dried in less than 4 months. "For thick walls without a foundation, when they are filled with everything that is found, it takes a maximum of 9 months to dry them with our damp proofing system.

This system comes with a 30-year guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied within a year, you can return the amount paid to Humidity-Stop. You can obtain this guarantee and all the requirements on our website.

The HS-221 deletes for aye the rising damp at ground floors and basements of the buildings. Our range of capacities is the widest in the market, covering areas from 50m2 to 2500m2 with a single machine.

This system is suitable for houses with neighbors, single-family houses, or apartments. It is also suitable for commercial and industrial applications. It is suitable for Churches, Cathedrals, Museums, City halls, Libraries, Hotels, Clinics...

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Distribution of the HS-221
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